Q. What is

A. is an Irish online platform where you can book flexible pay as you go desk space from a variety of laptop friendly venues across Ireland- so you can work from anywhere, when you need to!

Q. Who can list desk space on

A. In a nutshell, if you have good Wi-Fi, a comfortable desk and chair with sockets and toilets, you can list desk space. is aimed at desk hosts like coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, bars/pubs, community centres, co-working hubs, local offices and sports clubs who have unused space at certain times of the day or week. By listing desk space on, you can make additional revenue from those off peak times, or spaces that aren’t utilized so customers can work from them.

Q. Can I just list available desk space, or can I add on additional items to?

A. You can just list desk space, but you can also add on extras like coffee/tea, lunch, printing, snacks etc to make it more appealing for a customer to work from your WorkSpot space. Also if there’s parking, or anything extra like a swimming pool, gym etc. that the customer could use, it might be worthwhile adding that on to your listing price.

Q. I’m a customer who wants to book desk space, what do I need to do to sign up?

A. Simply just sign-up for free, you’ll receive a confirmation email (check your spam box if you haven’t received it) ,then search for a suitable WorkSpot, book and pay through (our payment partners are Stripe). The WorkSpot desk host will receive a notification and email you any further information if needed, like Wi-Fi code etc. There are never any subscription fees – just pay as you go desk space when you need it!

Q. I want to be a desk host – what do I need to do to become one?

A. You just need to have a table and chair beside sockets, wi-fi and toilets. With you have complete control over your listing. This means its up to you when you have the desk available, what you charge and what you include. There are no join up fees or complicated contracts. You will need to upload your photos of the desk space, tick the box of what’s included, write a description, set up your bank account details and and that’s it! Once a customer books your WorkSpot desk, you will receive notification to accept or decline the booking. Once you accept the booking, payment is sent to your bank account.

Q. Does charge any fees?

A. We take a 7% commission fee from any desk bookings and charge a 7% fee to the customer once the booking has been made. For example a €20 desk, would take €1.40 from the desk host, so the desk host would get €18.60, and then we would charge the customer €1.40, so the customer would pay €21.40 upon payment of the desk.

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